Not an entrepreneur? Not a problem.

I'll be honest

I have never had a burning passion to be an entrepreneur.  I didn’t grow up wanting to run my own business.  I didn’t have dreams of being self-employed. I still don’t. However, it seems everyone and anyone is now striking out on their own, and that makes me feel a little, I dunno, old fashioned (?) because I really don't mind working for others

Make no mistake - I get it.  I've been laid off twice and I can see the allure of being my own boss.  I've certainly thought about it. I admire those who have the guts, the determination, the time (and the money) and the risk tolerance to start up their own company.  Bless them and all the more power to those folks!  I just don’t want to be in their shoes, not 100% anyways.

Just keep swimming

Being an employee has served me well over my working years.  Of course, no job is secure (see above: laid off twice), but while working,  I've always appreciated the regular paycheque and the support of my managers and colleagues while earning it.  I've been okay reporting to an employer, getting incrementally better at my role while building my skill set and my reputation. I am fine to, as our animated friend Dorry says, just keep swimming.  Fine to move my employer's needle forward with what I do and how I do it.  I don't think any of that is wrong.  Behind the times?  Maybe. But not wrong. 

Clearly the fact that I’m very loosely positioning my administrative services points to the fact that I do indeed see the value in having a side gig aside from a day job – but does that make me somewhat “less” because I’m not feeling the motivation to go all-in?  I am missing the wave of the future?

Probably, but I’m not sure I care. 

Is it still socially acceptable to be good at a job working for someone else, to provide value for an employer and internal and external customers and be happy at doing it?  I say yes, it is – in my case, at least.  I do think I can continue to do important work without being an entrepreneur.   I can keep slow but steady work with building up all my skills – for my employer and for myself.  It’s all moving forward, right?

I like working with others so they can get to where they want to go.  Sometimes that means helping my employer grow the business.  No, it’s not my business. But I do play a part in it, and I’m proud of that.  And occasionally that means spending a few hours on a weekend, as a Administrative Consultant, helping someone accomplish a project they haven’t been able to complete on their own. I’m proud of that too.